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Light your own path.

You own your career, but you're not on your own. Get help from an experienced, honest, and supportive career coach to take your career to the next level.

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Hi, I'm Brittany

I have dedicated my career to helping others' careers. I've coached, advised, and mentored hundreds of people regarding all things career development. With several years of human resources experience in multiple industries, I help my clients navigate from wherever they are now to their next career move by lighting the path. In fact, the literal translation of the Latin word Allucere (pronounced al-oo-chair-ay) is light the path

I differ from other coaches in the market in two key ways. First, I'm both a coach and advisor; I'll ask you powerful open-ended questions to help you find the best path for you and I'll give you advice based on my industry expertise. Second, I'm flexible. I customize our sessions based on your immediate career needs at that moment. Job searching  and career development isn't a perfectly linear process, and my services flex to help you address your need at any moment. 

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5 star ratings

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Hear from happy professionals

Celeste, WI

"Brittany is wonderful at giving you applicable and actionable steps to improve your resume. She offers great guidance to job seekers who may be unsure about their abilities. Her ability to instill confidence is so valuable as the job hunt may be tiresome. I feel as if I have a clearer strategy in my career development process and have gained confidence that is so imperative."

Kelsey, NE

"I really left our chat feeling empowered and encouraged about going through the job search. I appreciate your connection. You really inject positive energy in such a vulnerable and uncomfortable time, it’s so helpful to move forward hearing your tips and talking things out."

Anonymous, UK

"So glad I did this session. Brittany was extremely engaging and supportive of my interests for the sessions. She provided great advice and concrete suggestions for me to continue progressing my career development. I highly recommend this offering!"

Light your path. Own your career.

It's time you made a change.

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